How To Navigate This Site

Navigation works on two levels; site navigation and content item navigation (which we shall refer to as posts). Let’s deal with the posts first.

Post navigation:

On bigger displays posts, like the one displayed here, are arranged five per row for as many rows as there are posts, or singly and vertically on smaller screens like smartphones. Clicking or tapping (depending on your device) on the post’s image has a different effect depending on the type of post. Posts fall under two types; videos and other for the rest.

For videos, when you click/tap the image you are taken directly to a page where you can start the video. At any point you can click/tap any of the menu options in the header bar to be taken elsewhere.

For other posts, clicking/tapping the image expands the post providing more information which you can peruse. You are also presented with two buttons; one which says “Proceed” and the other “Report”. To get to the meat of the post you need to click/tap “Proceed”. This will generally take you to a page that is external to our site. For example, clicking on “Proceed” on an article post will open a new tab/window in your browser where the article in question on someone else’s website, will be displayed. The “Report” button provides a means for you to inform us if there is a problem with a post you have tried to access. As you might have noticed, our site is all about bringing together in one place, interesting piano related stuff from Youtube, piano related blogs, Amazon etc. for which we always try to provide attribution to the owners of the content. Naturally, where we are constantly going to external sources, those sources might change and therefore the links we have provided might no longer work. We therefore greatly appreciate it when you inform us of these anomalies in order that we might rectify them.

Lastly, there is the heart symbol at the bottom right of each post. The significance of this link is covered in the faqs page.

Site navigation:

We have adopted a minimilist approach to the site navigation, in which we have tried to keep it simple and uncluttered and all in one place. The header bar displayed below, is that place. We hope you agree with our efforts towards simplicity. Lets now work from the left to the right of the header bar.

Hovering over/tapping the three horizontal bars at the very left of the header bar reveals a dropdown menu containing two dropdown sections. The first of these titled “profile” enables visitors to our site to engage with the site on a deeper level. Our faqs page covers this in more detail. The second dropdown section titled “information” is fairly self-explanatory and contains pages for “about us”, “contact us” etc. and needs no further explanation.

The site title Piano Chit Chat, to the right of the horizontal bars, is also a link that takes you back to the initial page. So wherever you might be in the site, clicking/tapping on that link, will take you back to square one.

Moving on, we now go over to the right side of the header bar where we find four links titled “search, “categories”, “favorites” and “share”.
Search: This is a fairly standard keyword search facility which also provides the means to filter the search by category.
Categories: Each and every post is assigned to at least one category. Clicking/tapping on one of the categories in the “categories” dropdown menu will cause only the posts for that category to be displayed as opposed to the standard display which displays all posts. For example, if you were only interested in the articles, clicking/tapping on the “articles” category will cause only the article posts to be displayed. More information on categories is to be found on our faqs page.
Favorites: For registered visitors to our site who are logged in, only posts that have been selected as favorites, will be displayed when “favorites” is clicked/tapped. More information about favorites is to be found on our faqs page.
Share: If you are a registered user (refer to the faqs page regarding registering) and logged in, the “share” dropdown menu enables you to share our site’s posts with your friends on social media platforms to which you belong.

That’s it folks! Hopefully you will agree that we have succeeded in keeping the site and posts navigation as unambiguous and easy to use as possible.